Mehmet Mehmet opens his election office with an enthusiastic crowd

Western Thrace
Fri, 22 Sep 2023 9:28 GMT
Hundreds of Yassıköy residents and supporters supported Mehmet Mehmet, Chairman of the Strong Unity List, at the opening of his election office.
Mehmet Mehmet opens his election office with an enthusiastic crowd

Mehmet Mehmet, who will compete as Yassıköy Mayor Candidate in the local elections to be held on 8 October in Greece, opened the election office of the Strong Unity List, which he established as a result of his consultations, in Yassıköy last night.

Mehmet Mehmet, the mayoral candidate from Yassıköy, was supported by his villagers and supporters at the opening of his election office with applause and slogans. In addition to Yassıköy residents, Strong Together List parliamentary and muhtar candidates and citizens from different villages also attended the opening.

At the opening ceremony, which was organised with a large crowd, Mehmet Mehmet made a speech to the participants first in Greek and then in Turkish.

Greeting the people, the mayoral candidate thanked the participants by saying that there is no need to say much, the participation shows everything, and Mehmet Mehmet explained the list they established, the work they have done and will do, and their goals for the municipality and the region as a team.

After the speeches, Strong Unity List council member candidates were introduced to the people attending the opening and a souvenir photo was taken at the end of the programme.

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