"Let's go forward" the new combination of the collaborating factions in the municipality of Xanthi

Western Thrace
Thu, 30 Mar 2023 13:26 GMT
Αnnouncement is published of the joint descent with fourteen signatures
"Let's go forward" the new combination of the collaborating factions in the municipality of Xanthi

They stress that they have overcome any personal, ideological, union or other differences to create a new mass independent faction
An announcement under the new combination called "Let's go forward" was issued by the opposition factions, which for a long time have announced their joint descent into the self-governing elections.

In the announcement signed by the three leaders (Melissopoulos, Hatzitheodorou, Lyratzis), Vassilis Papadopoulos and the advisors of the three combinations (fourteen in total) underline that the motivation of the cooperation in question is the "exit of the municipality from the crisis" and in the face of this goal "we use any differences as an incentive for fruitful dialogue".

In particular, as stated in the announcement: "Overcoming any personal, ideological, union or other kind of difference, we proceed together to establish and create a new large Independent Municipal Party, which with the trust of our citizens, will assume the responsibility of the administration of of our municipality, after the municipal elections of 2023".

They inform again that Savvas Melissopoulos is the candidate for mayor, and emphasize: "all together against the tested, worn-out system that has dismantled all the structures of our municipality. Against all those who, regardless of motivation, cooperate with the current municipal authority, ignoring the means it uses and the goals it serves, under the cloak of the supposed contribution to the place. Xanthi today is at the worst point in its modern history and is in immediate danger of a new degradation and a new mortgaging of its future", while they add in this regard: "we are sure that the people of Xanthi in 2023 will be the ones who will assume the great responsibility, to get our city out of the age-old impasse and the decline it has fallen into".


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