Kozlukebir Municipality prepares new project for road maintenance and floods

Western Thrace
Fri, 6 Oct 2023 9:11 GMT
The Mayor of Kozlukebir Municipality Rıdvan Ahmet announced that they have implemented a new project for the maintenance of the roads within the municipality borders and for the prevention of severe floods.
Kozlukebir Municipality prepares new project for road maintenance and floods

The contract worth 230.000 euro was signed between the contractor company and Mayor Rıdvan Ahmet in the project organised under the title of "Project for the Repair and Restoration of Road Damages and Prevention of Severe Flooding".

In the statement made by the municipality on the subject, the following statements were made:

"This important project involves the construction of water collection wells and the extension of the drainage pipeline in the stony road area to prevent excess water from accumulating in Satikoy and to speed up water discharge. This will allow the drainage system in the area to operate more efficiently and effectively, preventing flooding.

The new pipeline will have a diameter of Fi 800 and a length of 210 metres, which will allow for faster water discharge. In addition, our project includes the restoration of the Irish Gorge in the Üntüren village area. This will include the restoration of embankments and asphalt paving along the entire length of the causeway. These measures will strengthen the slopes at the crossing point and significantly improve the infrastructure of the area.

The aim of the project is both to facilitate the daily lives of our citizens by providing safe and robust roads and to minimise the negative effects caused by floods."

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