Komotini: Woman burned by husband died

Western Thrace
Mon, 12 Sep 2022 8:59 GMT
The woman who was set on fire by pouring gasoline on her by her husband in Komotini died.
Komotini: Woman burned by husband died

It was stated that a 55-year-old woman died in Komotini, where her husband poured gasoline on her and set it on fire.

The horrific incident occurred in the house where the couple lived on the night of Thursday, September 8th.

According to her 63-year-old husband's statement to the police, he stated that he committed the horrific act because his wife told him that he had found someone else and asked for a divorce. Thereupon, an argument started between the couple and the terrible event took place.

It was noted that the unfortunate woman was first taken to the Komotini State Hospital, she had severe burns on her body and burns were detected on 60 percent of her body.

After her treatment in Komotini, the unfortunate woman was transferred to the Burns Intensive Care Unit of Papanikolau Hospital in Thessaloniki.

It was reported that the perpetrator was arrested for attempted murder and put in prison, but now the accusation has changed and he will be tried for murder.

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