Komotini Municipality warns the public against extreme heat

Western Thrace
Wed, 12 Jul 2023 8:48 GMT
The Municipality of Komotini warned the public about the extreme heat that will be experienced on 12 - 16 July and took precautions especially for the elderly and vulnerable groups.
Komotini Municipality warns the public against extreme heat

The Municipality of Komotini has taken some measures to organise and provide cool and air-conditioned areas for the public, following the issuance of an Emergency Weather Disturbance Bulletin by the Hellenic Meteorological Directorate, due to the gradual increase in temperature in the coming days.

Among the measures taken by the municipal administration on the subject:

1- The Municipality of Komotini has appointed Konstantinia Efstathiou, President of the 2nd Centre for the Protection of the Elderly (2ου ΚΑΠΗ ), which operates under the municipality, together with Maria Mereti, Deputy Director of the Centre for Assistance and Solidarity of the municipality, as responsible for coordination and necessary activities in order to protect the public from high temperatures between 12/7/2023 and 16/7/2023.

For the necessary assistance, Maria Mereti can be contacted by mobile phone 6946796063  by ISBN or by phone 2531083981 of the municipality.

2- Gr. Marasli Street 1, in the Multipurpose Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Komotini, the air-conditioned 2nd Elderly Care Centre has been designated by the Municipality as the place where the public will be accommodated to avoid the heat.

3- The municipal administration warned especially vulnerable groups (respiratory, cardiovascular diseases, etc.) to avoid undesirable effects on their health and asked them to come to the 2nd Elderly Care Centre, which is a cool and pleasant environment.

4- The municipal administration urged all citizens to heed the Emergency Weather Alerts to protect themselves from high temperatures, especially the elderly, sick and infants.

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