KOMOTINI DINATA announces its programme for local development and prosperity

Western Thrace
Wed, 4 Oct 2023 9:38 GMT
KOMOTINI DINATA, the main opposition of the Municipality of Komotini, has shared with the public the programme on local development and welfare.
KOMOTINI DINATA announces its programme for local development and prosperity

KOMOTINI DINATA, the main opposition in the Municipality of Komotini, headed by Antonis Gravanis, shared with the public the programme prepared for local development and welfare in case they come to power in the elections.

"KOMOTINI DINATA, led by Antonis Gravanis, is on the side of the farmer, the businessman, the trader and the investor," the statement said. The local economy, development and prosperity are also emphasised:

"KOMOTINI DINATA, led by Antonis Gravanis, is on the side of the farmer, the businessman, the trader and the investor.

With a well-planned programme for the Municipality of Komotini, we will accelerate the growth rates, we will raise them. We will provide services and improve the living standards of citizens.

We aim for a municipality that is financially sound, crisis-resistant and autonomous in its functioning, based on a rational and planned allocation of municipal resources and a strong commitment to financial instruments and programmes. A municipality that will provide incentives, seize opportunities and take what it deserves for the economic well-being of its citizens.

In detail:

- Strategic development through urban regeneration projects, such as the creation of the Thematic Bioclimatic Park in Karidorema. Contributing to the economic and social empowerment, the elimination of unemployment, environmental protection and sustainable development through the regeneration-intervention network of Democracy Street and the Karidorema area.

- The granting of concessions for the development of land and unused real estate in exchange for benefits to citizens and the local community through incentives for new investments at the initiative of the municipality.

- Completion of Local Urban Planning and Spatial Plan procedures with the redefinition of usage areas.

- Development of tourism and use of the coastal zone - creation of a marina in Fener.

- The creation of a multi-themed park for children in the area of Agio Paraskevis in order to make Komotini a "Family Destination".

- Requesting and using properties such as abandoned old slaughterhouses, the former Courthouse building and the former Asteria Cinema.

- Creation of a modern open Green Local Market.

Creation and implementation of the Smart Village

Financing of the 1st Smart Village in Northern Greece after consultation, where innovative solutions will be implemented to improve the vitality and quality of life of the inhabitants, based on local strengths and opportunities.

Agricultural Economics - Establishment of Agricultural Entrepreneurship structure.

- Strengthening rural road construction projects.
- Creation of reservoirs (artificial and natural) to save water.
- Mapping and categorisation of municipal land according to crop suitability in order to avoid crop shortages.
- Utilisation of all municipal land through direct auction to citizens based on income criteria and location.
- Creation of a local - green market specialised in local products.

Establishment of an Agricultural Entrepreneurship Structure for the training of farmers, breeders and fishermen in the Municipality of Komotini and support and implementation of Precision Agriculture, Innovative Technologies and Advisory programmes for municipal producers.

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