KOMOTINI DINATA announces goals on quality of life and safety

Western Thrace
Thu, 21 Sep 2023 11:53 GMT
KOMOTINI DINATA announced that if they win the elections, they will implement a series of measures that will add value to the city and people's lives.
KOMOTINI DINATA announces goals on quality of life and safety

Antonis Gravanis, President of KOMOTINI DINATA, the main opposition of Komotini Municipality, and his team issued a press release on the activities they will carry out in the new period after the elections they will win, in order to contribute to the region and human life, in the fields of Quality of Life, Urban Security - Civil Protection.

KOMOTINI DINATA made a written statement on the measures to be taken in the fields of Quality of Life, Urban Security - Civil Protection.

"We must be strong "DINATA" to live better and safer. The Municipality of Komotini is our home. We want to live with dignity, to feel safe, to be loved and cared for. As KOMOTINI DINATA group, led by Antonis Gravanis, we are starting our work the day after the elections of 8 October to implement a series of measures to address the 2 main priority axes that bind us to our region.  The measures we will take and the work we will carry out will focus on Quality of Life, Urban Security - Civil Protection. If we need to specify in detail;

Quality of Life and Stray Stray Animals
Our first concern is to find a solution to the problem of stray animals in our municipality.

Animals are not only our friends but also our life companions. They deserve respect and a dignified life. With the cooperation of all relevant institutions and organisations and especially our citizens, we will ensure that all animals in the Municipality of Komotini receive the care they need.

1. Establishment of a new and modern shelter for stray animals.
2. Modernisation of the animal shelter and clinic.
3. Systematic implementation of vaccination, sterilisation and electronic marking programmes.
4. Creation of an animal park for stray animals.
5. Proper operation of the animal control committee.
6. Informing and raising awareness of citizens about dog ownership and incentives.

Quality of Life and Urban Environment
We want to make our Komotini attractive again. To take back our neighbourhoods, parks, squares, buildings, streets.

1. Utilisation of the Karydorema area. Creation of an Environmental Park in cooperation with the Public Real Estate Company and the Ministry of Economy. This is an ambitious and large project aimed at improving a wider area.

2- Increasing cleanliness and aesthetics in all neighbourhoods, parks and squares of the municipality.
3. Expansion of the connection network with bicycle paths, university campus and other regional points.
4. Creation of new parking spaces.
5. Increasing accessibility to municipal properties, creation of smart transitions.
6. Smart signalling and systems (night lighting, speed, priority, etc.) at schools, sports fields, parks, squares and accident hotspots.
7. Completion of the resettlement of Roma in the Alankuyu area.

Quality of Life and Settlements
The Municipality of Komotini must stand by all those who decide to live with their families and invest in our settlements.

It is our responsibility and honour to stand by our fellow citizens who sustain our villages.

We will build a network of care for the elderly and children from the ground up with key projects and clean solutions. We will provide solutions to chronic problems such as water supply and road construction.

1. Strengthening rural road construction projects.
2. Establishment of reservoirs for the rational use of water in the settlements belonging to our municipality.
3. Completion and expansion of sewerage and biological networks.
4. Replacement of water supply networks and repair of water supply problems.
5. Repair, restoration and promotion of cultural and sports facilities in our villages. (Among them, former communal buildings and municipal properties are intended to host cultural and sports clubs).
6. Operation of mobile units of creative employment centres for young children.

Public Security and Civil Protection
After this summer's catastrophic natural events and with the experience of managing the covid19 pandemic, the Municipality of Komotini should be fully prepared and have a functional action plan for prevention, preparedness and response to natural disasters and dangerous situations.

We believe that prevention is the best protection and therefore take care to organise the necessary infrastructure and civil protection means from the very beginning.

1. Early warning systems for citizens - users (civil protection, fire brigade, police, etc.). Especially in critical infrastructures (schools, stadiums, bridges, Irish crossings, points of high risk of flooding, etc.).
2. Systems for early notification of the public, including for people with mobility difficulties or special needs, organised away

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