Kinsman run over by a tractor could not survive

Western Thrace
Mon, 17 Jul 2023 9:14 GMT
Unfortunately, one of our kinsmen lost his life in a tractor accident in the morning hours yesterday.
Kinsman run over by a tractor could not survive

A sad tractor accident took place yesterday in the morning hours in Delinasufköy of Kozlukebir Municipality. 

Veysel H., born in 1957, originally from Delinasufköy, has been residing in Komotini in recent years. The kinsman, who goes to his village at certain intervals whenever he finds the opportunity, was in his village again.

Yesterday morning he wanted to start the tractor, which was next to his house in his village and had not been working for a while. The cognate, who wanted to start the tractor from the outside instead of turning the ignition from the inside, forgot that the gear was engaged, and the tractor accident was inevitable.

The 66-year-old cognate was suddenly trapped under the tractor he was working on. The neighbours who received the news that the cognate was crushed by the tractor immediately called an ambulance at the scene. Unfortunately, the compatriot who was taken from the accident scene to Komotini Sismanoglou State Hospital unfortunately lost his life.

Our kinsman, who lost his life as a result of the sad tractor accident, will be sent off to his last journey in the village cemetery by his family and his loved ones tomorrow, Monday 17 July 2023, following the afternoon prayer.

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