Hardalias visits Xanthi

Western Thrace
Tue, 14 Feb 2023 11:07 GMT
Greek Deputy Minister of Defense Nikos Hardalias visits Xanthi.
Hardalias visits Xanthi

Visiting the barracks in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Deputy Minister of Defense Nikos Hardalias visited the barracks in Xanthi Kayalar and Okçular on Sunday, February 12.

Deputy Minister Hardalias was accompanied by the commanders of the First Army and the Fourth Corps during his visits to the barracks in Xanthi.

Making statements during his visit to the barracks in Okçular, Hardalias stated that the work initiated by the state for the modernization of the army continues rapidly. He said that with the modernization program initiated within the framework of the European Union supported ESPA programs, the vehicles, and equipment used in the emergency response of the army, especially against natural disasters and fires, will be replaced.

Hardalias stated that the military will receive a total of approximately 12 million euros in funding from the ongoing ESPA programmes.

During his visit to Xanthi, Deputy Defense Minister Nikos Hardalias also attended the New Year's Cake event organized by the New Democracy Party. Speaking at the event attended by local administrators and party members from the Xanthi NDP, Hardalias stated that he believes their party will come to power alone with a serious work to be carried out in unity.

Reminding that Xanthi has a special sensitivity, Hardalias noted that he never forgot the decisions he took during the Covid-19 period regarding the banning of Carnivals and the Municipality of Mustafçova.

Talking about the government's struggle against natural disasters, Hardalias said that he believes that the YDP under Mitsotakis will come to power alone in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

After his contacts in Xanthi, Hardalias left the region to return to Athens.

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