Gencerli wins the throphy

Western Thrace
Tue, 30 Apr 2024 9:31 GMT
Gencerli became the champion in the second amateur league (B2) of Xanthi.
Gencerli wins the throphy

Gencerli was the team that took the lead in the exciting B2 Amateur League Championship.

Nihat Mustafa's team showed consistency in the results until the end and won the championship with a 4-2 victory over APOX B on Sunday morning. Gencerli was promoted back to the Xanthi Amateur A League after 2021.  


Independent MP for Xanthi Burhan Baran congratulated the champion football team of Gencerli. Baran used the following expressions in his post on his personal social media account:

"I would like to congratulate the football players, the technical team and the villagers of Gencerli (Kenditi) football team, who won the championship in group B of the amateur football league of Xanthi and won the right to compete in a higher group next year, and I wish them success in a higher group next year."

In the last matches held on the same day, the Keravnos Katramio (Karaköy) football team, which was in first place in the league until the last match, drew and lost the championship to Gencerli.

Karakoy, who finished second in the league, will play a dam match against Atlas Selino, the runner-up of group A. The team that wins the dam match will be promoted to the Xanthi Amateur A league as a prize.

After the last matches the standings are as follows:

Gencerli 63 points (CHAMPION)

Keravnos Palio Katramio (Karakoy) 62 points

Anagennisi Hrisa (Kireççiler) 61 points

APOX B 50 points

Miki (Mustafçova) 43 points

AEK Kipseli 36 points

Doksa Mirodatou 34 points

Orfeas B 27 points

Iraklis Zigou B 26 points

Apollon Diomidia 19 points

Nestos Kirnou (Kirkoy) 18 points

Thiella Manganon 17 points

Kessani Erasmio 0 points

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