Garanti Insurance supports young wrestler Ahmet Kuru

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Mon, 22 Apr 2024 10:20 GMT
Ahmet Kuru, a first grade student of Celal Bayar Minority Secondary School in Komotini, was awarded by Garanti Insurance for his success in wrestling.
Garanti Insurance supports young wrestler Ahmet Kuru

13-year-old Ahmet Kuru, who has been ranked in wrestling tournaments with his performance at a young age, is one of the successful wrestlers who will take part in the Greek National Wrestling Team in the European Wrestling Championship.

Ahmet Kuru, who continues his education in the first grade at the Celal Bayar Minority Secondary School in Komotini on the one hand, and on the other hand is interested in wrestling, which he started at the age of 9, and continues his training, was awarded by Garanti Insurance, which operates in the city of Komotini and the town of Şapçı, for his first place in the wrestling tournament held in Larisa on Sunday, 10 March.

Garanti Insurance owner Rıdvan Çakır hosted successful wrestler Ahmet Kuru and his father Alaattin Kuru at the office in Komotini on Sunday 21 April 2024.

Rıdvan Çakır congratulated the young wrestler Ahmet and presented him a plaque prepared for him and wished him success in wrestling in the coming years.

Stating that he was proud of the young wrestler's success, Çakır expressed that such achievements should be rewarded and thanked Ahmet with a plaque and provided some financial support in an envelope.

Çakır stated that they will support the successful wrestler in every tournament to be organised in the future.

Making a statement to MİLLET, Alaattin Kuru, the father of young wrestler Ahmet Kuru, expressed his pride in his son's success and thanked Garanti Insurance owner Rıdvan Çakır, who awarded his son with a plaque for his achievement and provided him with financial support.

Alaattin Kuru stated that his son has loved wrestling since a young age and they believe that he will achieve many successes in the coming years.

Father Kuru stated that as a family they always wanted him to be a successful wrestler, they supported him and they would always be with him.

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