Fire fronts under control in the Rhodope region!

Western Thrace
Wed, 23 Aug 2023 10:21 GMT
The Rhodope Unit of the Provincial Presidency of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace announced with a statement that the fire fronts in the Rhodope region are under control.
Fire fronts under control in the Rhodope region!

In the statement made by the Rhodope Unit regarding the fires that started and continued the previous day within the borders of the province of Rodopi, the following was stated.

"So far, with the dynamic development of firefighting operations and with the help of aircraft, the fire fronts in the Rhodope mountains have been brought under control.

The weather conditions with light winds create a rather measured optimism.

The fire headed towards the village of Ircanhisar has been extinguished.

The fire fronts towards Payamdere, Kayrak villages and Kartal (Karlik) Mountain are active.

The fire in the area of Taşlık and the fires on the side of the village of Çoban in the Evros area on the Rhodope border are under control.

With the first light of the day, Erickson helicopters are carrying out extinguishing works.

The work of the local fire brigades and volunteers is supported by 7-8 fire trucks and forces from Evros upon request."

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