FEP Party organises a rally in Gökçeler

Western Thrace
Wed, 5 Jun 2024 8:40 GMT
Friendship Equality Peace (FEP) Party continues its village rallies ahead of the European Parliament (EP) elections to be held on Sunday 9 June.
FEP Party organises a rally in Gökçeler

FEP Party organised a rally in Gökçeler village of Xanthi on Tuesday evening, 4 June.

The rally attracted great interest of the people of Gökçeler and especially of the cognates.

In his speech at the rally, FEP Party President Çiğdem Asafoğlu stated that they participated in the elections in order to make the voice of the Muslim Turkish Minority of Western Thrace heard in Athens and Europe. In her speech, Asafoğlu drew attention to the unresolved problems of the Turkish minority

Finally, Asafoğlu called on voters to participate in the elections and support their party by going to the polls on Sunday 9 June.

The candidates for the EP parliamentary seats on the list of the FEP Party also took the floor at the rally and expressed their thoughts. The candidates called on the voters to go to the polls on Sunday 9 June and cast their votes.

In the statement made by the FEP Party regarding the rally, the following statements were made

"On Tuesday evening, 4 June, we held our 6th rally with great enthusiasm in Gökçeler Square with the people of Gökçeler and the surrounding villages. Together with our candidates for the elections to be held on Sunday, 9 June, we emphasised the importance of our unity and solidarity with all the people of the village. We would like to thank everyone who supported the FEP Party both with their participation in the rallies and with their heart ties in the days leading up to the elections."


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