Female candidates from the TOGETHER List participate in the health panel

Western Thrace
Tue, 3 Oct 2023 16:23 GMT
An information panel on "Fighting Breast Cancer" was held yesterday at the Yassıköy Cultural Centre and was attended by female candidates from the TOGETHER List.
Female candidates from the TOGETHER List participate in the health panel

The Greek Association Against Cancer, the Province of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and Yassıköy Municipality jointly organised a health panel on "Fighting Breast Cancer" at Yassıköy Cultural Centre on 1 October 2023.

Women from Yassıköy and the surrounding area attended the panel, where Dr Merve Alaca participated as a speaker and made a presentation on breast cancer, precautions and treatments.

Among the women who participated in the panel were Nurcan Ali, wife of Caner Imam, President of the TOGETHER List, and female candidates from the team.

In its press release, the TOGETHER List stated the following about the issue;

 "The Role of Self-Examination in Breast Cancer" was the topic of the health panel organised by the Greek State of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace against Cancer and Yassıköy Municipality at Yassıköy Cultural Centre. Dr Merve Alaca explained to the women of our municipality how to perform a self-examination in an understandable way. The main message of the speech was: Learn, grow, cope. Members of our TOGETHER /ΜΑΖΙ List also attended the talk."

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