Farmers of Evros region protest at customs

Western Thrace
Wed, 31 Jan 2024 10:51 GMT
Farmers of Evros region joined the farmers' protests organised throughout Greece. The farmers, who could not bear the economic difficulties, protested at the customs.
Farmers of Evros region protest at customs

The problems experienced in the agricultural sector throughout Greece also affected the farmers in the Evros region. The farmers who cannot endure the economic difficulties and are in a difficult situation are trying to make their voices heard.

Farmers who make a living from the agricultural sector in Alexandroupoli, Sofulu and Dimetoka regions took to the roads with their tractors to voice their problems and to make their voices heard to the ND government.

Farmers gathered at the Greece-Turkey border crossing today with tractors, ignoring the cold weather. The New Agricultural Policy, premium cuts, the high cost of diesel, fertiliser and electricity are driving farmers into an economic deadlock.

Not only Greek farmers living in the Evros region, but also compatriots from the villages of Miri, Dikilitaş, Musaköy, Görece, Sarlar, Hasanlar and other villages of Alexandroupoli province participated in the protest at the customs. They supported the struggle for the elimination of the problems experienced by the farmers.

Emrah Mehmetali, a farmer in Musaköy and one of the participants of the protest, gave information to MİLLET Newspaper. Stating that life is getting more difficult for farmers every day, Mehmetali said that they have started to feel the damage of the big fire that occurred in the region last summer as well as the cuts in premiums and the cost of the basic needs necessary for them to work in their fields.

Emrah Mehmetali said that the government has not yet compensated the damages to olives and other agricultural products both in the villages of Alexandroupoli and in other regions due to the fire and that they are struggling for this.

Emrah Mehmetali stated that the farmers have not yet been given anything for the burnt products and that they are in a difficult situation because of this, and for this reason, as the farmers of the region, they organised an action today and tried to make their voices heard to the government officials.

The farmers of the Evros region will keep the protest process limited to today. However, if the government and ministry officials ignore the problems of the farmers and do not respond to the demands, they will take to the roads with tractors again in the coming days.

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