Elected Muftis of Western Thrace attend the "World Muslim Religious Leaders Online Meeting"

Western Thrace
Fri, 27 Jan 2023 10:04 GMT
The "World Muslim Religious Leaders' Meeting" was held on the call of Ali Erbaş, the President of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, regarding the endless attacks against the Quran in Sweden and the Netherlands.
Elected Muftis of Western Thrace attend the "World Muslim Religious Leaders Online Meeting"

The Virtuous Mufti of Komotini Ibrahim Şerif and the Virtuous Mufti of Xanthi Mustafa Trampa attended the "World Muslim Religious Leaders Online Meeting", which was held urgently in Sweden on Wednesday, January 25, 2023, regarding the hate crime against the Qur'an.

The "World Muslim Religious Leaders Meeting", which was held online by the Presidency of Religious Affairs, with the participation of 130 participants from 70 countries, after the attacks on the Quran in Sweden and the Netherlands, ended with the reading of the final declaration.

The 7-item final declaration of the meeting, in which consultations were made and various decisions were made about what can be done in the face of the attacks on the Qur'an in Sweden and the Netherlands, was presented by the President of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Ali Erbas explained.

The following items were included in the final declaration that President Erbaş shared with the public:

1. The ugly behavior committed against our holy book, the Holy Quran, in the Netherlands on January 21, 2023, in Sweden, on the previous day, is a crime against humanity, committed against faith, law, and universal values. We strongly reject and condemn this abominable attitude. It is shameful irresponsibility to allow the inhuman act in question, or even to carry it out in police custody. The existence of a mindset that is so disrespectful and reckless as to attack the holy book of a religion is a clear indication of how far away from values such as human rights and the rule of law are. It is clear that the discourse of freedom and the claim of democracy in a place where attacks on beliefs and sanctities have become commonplace, are nothing but hypocrisy and double standards.

2. The contradictions and traumas experienced by some European countries in the field of fundamental human rights and freedoms are worrying. Because the existence of some media organs, individuals and organizations that constantly target Muslims with their words and actions and try to smear the bright face of Islam, racist attacks and rapes targeting Muslims' beliefs, sanctuaries and places of worship are increasing day by day. All this is followed by Muslims with astonishment and concern.

3. We declare once again that Islam is a religion of peace and mercy that ensures freedom of life, property, mind, generation and religion for all people. The Holy Quran; It is a holy book that teaches peace and tranquility in the world, justice, and the inviolability of fundamental rights and freedoms with the principles it brings. Therefore, Muslims consider defending the right of everyone in the world to live a dignified, free and humane life and working for this cause as a responsibility of their faith. To be hostile to such a belief is undoubtedly an assassination on the common and bright future of humanity. The Qur'an is the book of all people. I repeat, the Qur'an is a book sent to all humanity. I invite all people of any faith or religion to read, understand and benefit from the Holy Quran.

4. Hostile attitudes towards Islam and Muslims are a serious human rights problem that includes dirty interests and racism. Instead of solving this problem, the authorities' insensitivity, using it as a political material and preferring to support hostile attitudes is a complete fallacy. Because this ugly and hypocritical policy will negatively affect the peace and tranquility of the region and will overshadow the possibility of coexistence.

5. It is admirable that there are members of different beliefs and thoughts who react to the disrespect towards the Qur'an. Likewise, all intellectuals, academics, activists, non-governmental organizations, members of the media and common sense people who believe in the law and human rights, care about respect for faith and social peace in Europe react and take the initiative against these open attacks on the sacred, violations of rights and the Islamophobia industry. must receive. It is a duty of humanity for all members of religion and belief that value people and faith to react in the same way. Otherwise, the people, groups and institutions in question will lose their credibility in the eyes of Muslims and all peoples of the world.

6. It is seen that if the fight against this problematic mentality that ignores human values and moral virtues and does not give up enmity towards Islam and Muslims is delayed, the abhorrent and accursed attacks will increasingly continue. For this, all Muslims in the world will act together and give the best response against attacks against Islam and its sacred values. In addition, efforts for the most accurate recognition of Islam will be further strengthened.

7. Muslims, always and everywhere will continue to work with devotion, self-sacrifice, and cooperation under Islam's understanding of rights and justice, love and peace-laden principles, the peaceful messages of the Qur'an, our Prophet in order to convey and represent the timeless example and superior moral qualities of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and to present these values to humanity. It will never resort to unlawful means in the face of some systematic provocations and attacks; they will continue to defend their rights, beliefs and universal values with prudence and foresight. We believe that fairness, conscience, and law will prevail, and goodness and peace will win.

It is announced to the world public.

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