Eastern Macedonia-Thrace third in wind power for 2023

Western Thrace
Mon, 22 Jan 2024 10:42 GMT
Eastern Macedonia-Thrace third in wind power for 2023

Upcoming investments
Over 5GW of wind power connected to the grid. Specifically, 5,226 MW was the total wind capacity in Greece at the end of 2023. This is according to the annual Statistics of Wind Energy in Greece announced by the Hellenic Wind Energy Scientific Association (ELETAEN).

Based on the Statistics, 153 new wind turbines with a total attributable capacity of 542.8 MW were connected to the grid in 2023, representing a total investment of more than 600 million euros. This represents an increase of 11.6% compared to the end of 2022.

2023 is the second best year - after 2019 - with the most wind installations. The acceleration of growth is due to the gradual completion of large wind investments thanks to the efforts of businesses, the scientific community and wind energy professionals operating in Greece.

2023 is a milestone year because for the first time the attributed wind power capacity in Greece exceeded 5,000 MW. The marginal wind turbine that drove the total power to exceed 5,000 MW is a wind turbine at the Kafireas wind farm in Evia that was connected to the grid in the second half of 2023.

The investments launched

At the end of 2023, over 850 MW of new wind farms were under construction or contracted, of which over 300MW are expected to be connected to the grid within the next 12 months. To these should be added another 400MW that have been selected in tenders, have submitted performance guarantees but do not belong to any of the above categories. As a result, total wind capacity will approach 6.5 GW within the next three years.

Of course, if the chronic bureaucratic and other problems are overcome, this capacity could be even higher.

Geographical distribution

At regional level, Central Greece remains at the top of the list of wind installations as it hosts 2,293 MW (44%), followed by the Peloponnese with 639 MW (12%) and Eastern Macedonia-Thrace where 534 MW (10%) are located.

In 2023, new wind turbines were installed only in three regions of the country. The greater geographical dispersion of wind installations helps the optimal participation of wind energy in electricity generation, and works to the benefit of the energy system and the consumer.

The investors

As far as business groups are concerned, the top 5 are:

- TERNA Energy with 1030 MW (19.7%)

-MORE with 766 MW (14.7%)

-Iberdrola Rokas with 409 MW (7.8%)

-ENEL Green Power with 368 MW (7.0%) and

-Total Energies with 250 MW (4.8%)


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