DEYAK responds to the KOMOTINI DINATA team on debts

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Thu, 21 Sep 2023 12:10 GMT
The Water and Sewerage Administration of the Municipality of Komotini (DEYAK) denied that it had received a warning notice for the debts owed to the DEI and that the matter had been sent to the prosecutor's office.
DEYAK responds to the KOMOTINI DINATA team on debts

The KOMOTINI DINATA List, chaired by the main opposition leader of the Municipality of Komotini Antonis Gravanis, announced in a written statement that the Water and Sewerage Administration of the Municipality of Komotini (DEYAK) has been referred to the Public Prosecutor's Office due to its inability to pay the debt of approximately 6 million euros to the Public Electricity Company of Komotini (DEI). In addition, it was stated that it was embarrassing for the municipality to receive a warning notice due to DEYAK's debts.

DEYAK responded to the main opposition wing KOMOTINI DINATA team. The statement emphasised that Antonis Gravanis and his team are lying.

The List of the Community of Citizens, led by the Mayor of Komotini Yannis Garanis, issued a press release regarding the response of DEYAK under the title "Shock and dismay. The lies of Mr Garanis who distorts the facts for his own ends by throwing mud at DEYAK."

"Mr Gravanis' main opposition tactic in the pre-election period continues to be unabated mud-slinging, lying and distorting the facts!

In their statement they say "DEI sends DEYAK to the public prosecutor"! Of course, they are hiding the truth again to create the pre-election communication show!

Then let us remind them once again what they know as both a participant in the Municipal Assembly and a member of the Board of Directors of DEYAK!

Since the beginning of the energy crisis, the Mayor of Komotini, Yannis Garanis, took the political decision that the additional financial costs for water supply and drainage would be borne by the municipality and DEYAK and would in no way be passed on to the citizens.

In public statements, the then Deputy Minister of the Interior, Mr Petsas, promised to intervene in the financing of the country's Water and Sewerage Authorities (WSAs) so that "the financial burden is not passed on to citizens through the increase in municipal fees".

The Union of Municipalities of Greece and its president at the time, Mr Papastergiou, had asked the government in an announcement-letter to "support municipalities with an extraordinary grant to cope with the increase in energy costs".

However, this financial aid from the central state to the Water and Sewerage Administration has not been forthcoming!

On the contrary, by ministerial decision, only 7 Water and Sewerage Administrations in the country were selectively subsidised "exclusively and solely for the payment of their obligations"!

For these, Mr Gravanis and his team have no words!

They did not even say a word about the agreement made by the Water and Sewerage Administration of the Municipality of Komotini and the 3.200.000 euro paid so far.

They don't include them in their announcements! Neither the regulation, nor the amount already paid, nor the zero support that DEYAK receives from the state, nor the fact that about 30 DEYAs of the country owe more than 140.000.000 euros to the Public Energy Company (DEI), because the central state has left us helpless, nor the success of the Mayoralty in ensuring the social position of this DEYAK under unprecedented adverse conditions.

They are silent for these. And, of course, their pre-election lying fairy tales do not correspond to reality!

Mr Gravanis, who owed millions of euros to our citizens, was of decisive importance for the documents that "contributed" to all these debts during Kotsakis' four years in office!

However, it seems that he continues his tactic of confusing and concealing the truth!

Then we ask Mr Gravanis: How many and which of the municipal councillor candidates on the ballot paper owe thousands of euros to DEYAK?

He owes the public a clear answer. In order to be the mayor of transparency and good governance, he owes an answer to the person he wants and addresses."

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