Deputy Zeybek conveys the problems of olive producers to the ministry

Western Thrace
Sat, 10 Feb 2024 10:49 GMT
New Left Party Xanthi MP Hüseyin Zeybek stated that urgent measures should be taken to support olive producers in the Evros region.
Deputy Zeybek conveys the problems of olive producers to the ministry

Olive producers of the region, who were left in a difficult situation after thousands of olive trees were burnt in a massive fire in the Evros region of Greece last summer, are trying to make their voices heard by the New Democracy government.

New Left Party Xanthi MP Hüseyin Zeybek listened to the voice of the olive producers in the Evros region who organised road protests with their tractors.

In his parliamentary question addressed to the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Deputy Zeybek addressed the problems of olive producers in the Meriç region who are in an economic deadlock and the measures to be taken urgently and stated the following:

Although it has been 5 months since the fire disaster in Evros and Rhodope regions, the New Democracy government continues to remain indifferent to the economically difficult situation of olive producers. No support or compensation has been given to the producers after the disaster that caused the burning of approximately 200 thousand trees in the region.

While the producers' efforts to survive and their economic obligations continue, no financial support is foreseen, and most importantly, their land, which has become inefficient due to the fire, will cause a decrease in production, yet the government's promises are insincere empty words.

- Olive producers, farmers, animal breeders, beekeepers and the whole sector must be supported for the survival of the countryside.

- The citizens of the Evros and Thrace region are "fed up" with the government's empty promises and promises of support to remote regions in recent years, but in reality the government is indifferent and has abandoned the region.

- Miri and the surrounding historical olive groves have been a symbol of development and prosperity of the Evros and Thrace regions since ancient times.

The Minister will be asked:

1. When does ELGA plan to make the advance payment needed for all olive producers to fulfil their economic obligations? When do you plan to finalise the necessary checks in order for the full compensation to be paid?

2. What do you plan to do to support the olive sector enterprises in the region (olive factories, packaging facilities, small olive farming enterprises) as they are severely affected?

3. What is the date for the government to pay the full amount of financial assistance? Also, how do you plan to help the producers (damaged agricultural machinery, warehouses, boreholes, underground irrigation networks, etc.)?

4. Does the government plan to take other interventions beyond the reduction of the current production costs (petrol, energy - electricity, pesticides, fertilisers, etc.) announced by the Prime Minister and what are they?

5. Does the government plan to support the planting of new olive trees for the sustainability of the local Miri olive species?

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