Deputy Özgür Ferhat starts thanking you visits

Western Thrace
Thu, 1 Jun 2023 9:57 GMT
Özgür Ferhat, who was elected as MP for the province of Rodopi from the SYRIZA Party, visits the villages and thanks to the kinsmen.
Deputy Özgür Ferhat starts thanking you visits

In the parliamentary elections held in Greece on Sunday, 21 May 2023, Özgür Ferhat, who was a parliamentary candidate from the province of Rodopi, came first in the province by leaving all the candidates behind with 12.208 votes he received with the strong support of the people.

Having succeeded in being elected to the Greek Parliament, SYRIZA Party Rodopi MP Özgür Ferhat returned to Western Thrace after the swearing-in ceremony held in the parliament and started village visits in order to thank the Rodopi cognates who trusted him and ensured his strong election with their votes.

Ferhat, who performed Friday prayers with his villagers in his village Yassıköy on Friday and then visited the village shopkeepers and thanked the villagers, visited Büyük Sirkeli village on Tuesday and Kozlukebir village on Wednesday. 

Özgür Ferhat visited the public bazaar organised in both villages where he received good votes. He wished convenience to the sellers and chatted with the cognates who were shopping.

In the same way, Ferhat visited the village cafes, met with the citizens and visited the village shopkeepers and thanked everyone for the trust shown to him and the strong support given to him.

In his thank you speeches, Ferhat stated that he would like their support again in the parliamentary elections to be held on Sunday 25 June 2023.

Özgür Ferhat will continue his programme of village visits in the coming days in order to thank the kinsmen.

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