Deputy Hüseyin Zeybek candidate again!

Western Thrace
Mon, 20 Feb 2023 9:45 GMT
The main opposition party SYRIZA continues to announce its parliamentary candidates. Hüseyin Zeybek from Xanthi, Özgür Ferhat and Hüsamettin Mehmet from Rhodope were announced as candidates.
Deputy Hüseyin Zeybek candidate again!

According to the written statement made by the party, it was stated that Hüseyin Zeybek, who is currently a deputy from Xanthi, will be a candidate again. Özgür Ferhat and Hüsamettin Mehmet will take place on the ballot in the Rhodope province.
No announcement has yet been made about whether or who will be a second Turkish minority parliamentary candidate from Xanthi.
It is expected that the 5th name to be included in the ballot from the Rhodope province will be announced.
According to the statement made by the party, the names of the 5 provinces of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace Province, whose candidacy for parliamentary candidacy have been announced, are as follows:
Xanthi (5 candidates in total)
Hüseyin Zeybek-Deputy
Stathis Yannakidis - Former Deputy Minister of Economy and Development
Athina Kinigopoulu-author
Maria Tzambazi - representative of Roman communities
EVROS (6 candidates in total)
Natasa Gara-MP
Smaro Valavanidou-Officer
Katerina Verdou-Lawyer
Spiros Dedoğlu-Self-employed
Malta Menalaos-Accountant
Vasilis Tsolakidis-Architect
DRAMA (5 candidates in total)
Theophilos Xanthopoulos-Deputy
Kostas Avramidi-Lawyer
Christos Karayannis-Former Member of Parliament
Aleksandra Vlahopoulou-Animal rights activist
Anna Erimidou-Farmer
RHODOPE (5 candidates in total)
Takis Haritos-Deputy
Özgür Ferhat-Dentist
Husamettin Mehmet-Doctor
Gavridou Hristina-self-employed
KAVALA (6 candidates in total)
Tania Elefteriadou-MP
Dimitris Emmanouilidis-Former Member of Parliament
Yorgos Karatsombanis-Economist
Houlogis Filimon-agronomist
Anastasia Myrli-Teacher
Athina Panayotidou-Kindergarten teacher

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