Deputy Candidate Hüseyin Zeybek continues to embrace with the kinsmen

Western Thrace
Fri, 12 May 2023 10:45 GMT
During his visit to Gökçeler, MP Zeybek also visited the public market in the village and had the opportunity to chat with the shopkeepers and listen to their problems.
Deputy Candidate Hüseyin Zeybek continues to embrace with the kinsmen

Zeybek, who also had the opportunity to visit Gökçeler shopkeepers within the scope of the visit, chatted with the citizens and listened to their problems.

Making a short evaluation to Millet newspaper about his visit to Gökçeler, Syriza Parliamentary Candidate Hüseyin Zeybek said: "As always, we are visiting our kinsmen within the framework of the election campaign. We are always with our kinsmen. We try to be with them at every moment of our society. We are with our kinsmen in their joys, sorrows, social and cultural activities, in the bazaar-market, in the café, at home, wherever they are. Until today, we have always been concerned with the problems of the citizens. We have tried to be a remedy for their problems. Today, we met with great interest of our compatriots in Gökçeler village. We get great strength from them. If we are elected, we will always continue to seek solutions to the problems of our society in unity and solidarity."

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