Deputies' reaction to mosque attack

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Sat, 17 Jun 2023 6:34 GMT
Deputies Hüseyin Zeybek and Burhan Baran reacted to the attack on the mosque in the village of Ilıca in Xanthi.
Deputies' reaction to mosque attack

Deputies Hüseyin Zeybek and Burhan Baran reacted to the attack on the mosque in the village of Ilıca in Xanthi.


Xanthi SYRIZA Deputy and deputy candidate Hüseyin Zeybek made a statement on his social media account, “On Thursday, June 15, the mosque in the village of Ilıca was attacked by a person who was determined to be a French citizen.

As a result of this ugly attack, the Quran and the belongings inside the mosque were destroyed.

The targeting of our minority by some groups lately must stop.

I strongly condemn this heinous attack against our beliefs and differences, and I hope that such incidents that will disturb our peace will not be repeated.” used the phrases.


Xanthi PASOK Deputy and deputy candidate Burhan Baran also condemned the attack on the Ilıca Mosque in a statement on social media.

Burhan Baran made the following statements: 

“On Thursday, June 15, around 18.00, an attack was carried out on our holy book, the Qur'an, in the mosque of Ilıca village in Xanthi.

As soon as I received the news of the detention of the identified person by the Şahin (Echinos) police, after my meetings with all the necessary authorities, I contacted the Xanthi Police Chief and requested that the perpetrator be interrogated at the Xanthi police station.

My only concern was that the event had reached different dimensions from the rightful reaction of our people. Here I would like to thank the Chief of Police for his sensitivity.

While I was about to move towards Şahin myself, upon the news that the perpetrator would be transferred to Xanthi, I went to the Xanthi police station.

I personally followed the process of bringing the perpetrator and interrogating him from the police station until late.

I do not even want to doubt that the perpetrator of this attack will be punished by law.

This incident, which took place at a time when the discourses about our religion and ethnic identity in our region, which have been on the agenda in recent days, have disturbed the peace and tranquillity in the region and created unrest among the people, is another reality.

It is my hope that our lives will continue within the framework of peace and tolerance without worse events and provocations in our region.”

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