Consul General Aykut Ünal meets with kinsmen in Yenice town of Xanthi

Western Thrace
Sat, 25 May 2024 11:40 GMT
Consul General of Türkiye in Komotini Aykut Ünal and Consul General Barış Çulha visited Yenice town of Xanthi and met with the kinsmen.
Consul General Aykut Ünal meets with kinsmen in Yenice town of Xanthi

In the post made on the social media account of the Consulate General of Türkiye in Komotini regarding the visit, the following statements were made: "We came together with our compatriots in Xanthi/Yenice."

The visit to Yenice was also attended by Mustafa Trampa, Mufti of Xanthi, Ahmet Hraloğlu, Deputy Mufti, Hüseyin Baltacı, President of Western Thrace Minority University Graduates Association, Ozan Ahmetoğlu, President of Xanthi Turkish Union, Bahri Belço, Vice President of FEP Party, Cengiz Ömer, President of Çınar Association and Cemil Kabza, former Mayor of Mustafçova.

The guests performed the Friday prayer in the Musahip Mustafa Pasha Mosque, which survived from the Ottoman period in the town of Yenice. After the prayer, the guests also visited the Town Mosque in Yenice square, which is still standing from the Ottoman period and waiting for the day when it will be repaired.

Afterwards, Consul General Ünal and other guests, who had the opportunity to chat with the cognates in the village coffee house, thanked Yenice residents for their interest and interest.

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