Construction of 35 kilometres of additional fence at Evros starts at the end of December

Western Thrace
Thu, 7 Dec 2023 9:46 GMT
A total of 99.2 million euros will be spent on the construction of 35 kilometres of additional fencing.
Construction of 35 kilometres of additional fence at Evros starts at the end of December

Thanks to the measures taken and strict controls, the number of refugees crossing the Evros river illegally to Greece has decreased significantly. Nevertheless, it was announced that the government will continue to take additional measures and the construction of the 35 kilometres long fence will start by the end of December.

According to Ta Nea newspaper, the number of patrols will be increased in the Evros province within the framework of the "Protection" plan implemented by the government to prevent refugees from entering the country illegally.

As it will be remembered, in October the Ministry of Citizen Protection announced that the number of border guards in the border region of Evros province would be increased and 14 more people were recruited.

It was noted that the region is monitored 24 hours a day with the cameras placed on the pillars of the fence built in line with the measures taken within the framework of border security and all the images taken are instantly transmitted to the police.

It was also stated that the radar system, handheld cameras and thermal camera system were also activated in the border region.

MRAP Typhoon GSS-300 armoured vehicles with specially designed anti-ballistic armour, which can also withstand mine strikes, are also used by the border guards serving in the border area in the Evros province.

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