Call for justice from FEP Party

Western Thrace
Thu, 8 Dec 2022 12:11 GMT
'The perpetrators of the attack on the FEP Party have still not been found'
Call for justice from FEP Party

Friendship, Equality and Peace (FEP) Party once again condemned the attack on the party's headquarters on 8 December 2015, where the perpetrato’'s still not been found.

Reminding that it has been seven years since the attack on the FEP Party Headquarters, the statement said, "The building was damaged financially by the members of the organization called Thrace's Watchmen, and the vehicle in which our party founder Dr. Sadik Ahmet lost his life in the accident was stolen.

Although we, as the FEP Party, made all legal attempts to shed light on this heinous attack, we could not find any clues about the stolen car and the perpetrators.” it was said.

In the statement, "We condemn once again this racist attack, which left serious question marks in the minds of the Western Thrace Muslim Turkish Minority and which has not even been able to find a clue even after seven years.

We would like to emphasize once again that we expect the 8 December 2015 attack to be clarified as soon as possible and the vehicle of our late Leader Dr. Sadik Ahmet to be found and returned.” statements were included.

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