Businessman Ercan Mümin donates a wheelchair to the hospital

Western Thrace
Thu, 7 Mar 2024 8:50 GMT
Ercan Mümin, businessman from Yalımlı, owner of ER-AL Company operating in Narlıköy, donated a manual wheelchair to Alexandroupoli University Hospital.
Businessman Ercan Mümin donates a wheelchair to the hospital

Ercan Mümin, businessman from Yalımlı, owner of ER-AL Company, which has been operating in the aluminium joinery sector in Narlıköy, Rhodope province for many years, presented 5 manual wheelchairs to Alexandroupoli University Hospital.

Ercan Mümin, who is not only a businessman but also a member of the Yassıköy Municipality Council, donated the manual wheelchairs to be used in the Haematology (αιματολογία) department of the hospital. Along with the chairs, Ercan Mümin also donated hygiene items and handed them over to the authorities today morning.

Businessman Ercan Mümin told MILLET why he donated a chair to the Department of Haematology at Alexandroupoli University Hospital and stated the following.

"For a long time I have been visiting the Haematology department of Alexandroupoli University Hospital because of a health problem my mother has. When I brought my mother to the hospital for her treatment, I often had trouble finding a wheelchair because she had difficulty walking. This problem is not only in the Haematology department but also in other departments. When I take my mother to the hospital, perhaps hundreds of people a day may be experiencing this problem. As a citizen and then as a business person living in the Thrace region, this situation made me very sad. I thought about whether I could do something and then I decided to buy 5 manual wheelchairs. Because the problem of finding a chair that my mother and we are experiencing today, you may also experience tomorrow. We live together as minority majority people in the Thrace region and we receive services in the hospitals in our region. The inconvenience experienced by hospitals in need of vehicles is actually reflected on the people of a region. Therefore, I wanted to act sensitively on this issue and donated manual wheelchairs and hygiene materials. Maybe the elderly and patients who have difficulty in walking will benefit a lot from the chairs I donated. I will be happy if this happens. May Allah not let anyone fall into hospitals, may He give health and happiness to everyone."

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