BTTÖB calls on parents to enrol their children in minority schools

Western Thrace
Sat, 2 Mar 2024 10:38 GMT
Registration in primary schools in Greece for the 2024-2025 academic year started today, Friday 1 March 2024. Registrations can be made until 20 March.
BTTÖB calls on parents to enrol their children in minority schools

 Registration in primary schools in Greece for the 2024-2025 academic year started today, Friday 1 March 2024. Registrations can be made until 20 March.

Parents should apply to school administrations with the necessary documents to enrol their children in the schools they wish to send them to.

Western Thrace Turkish Teachers' Union (BTTÖB) made a statement on the occasion of the start of the registration procedures for the new academic year.

BTTÖB management invited the parents to protect the minority schools and enrol their children in the minority's own schools. The statement on the subject is as follows:

Dear Parents

This year, enrolment in primary schools will take place between 01-20 March 2024. The education of our children, who are our future, is certainly very important for all of us. However, it is as important for our children to grow up in their own cultural circle as their education. The only way to live with our own identity as a minority is for our children to attend minority schools. We have to be sensitive about this issue and teach our children the culture they belong to. It is out of the question for us to give up the autonomous minority education.

The rulers of our country must respect this demand. This demand is very human. Every parent wants his/her future child to grow up and live in the culture to which he/she belongs. For this reason, we must resolutely send our children to minority schools in order to stop the closure of our minority schools, which have an autonomous structure, on the pretext of lack of children.

Unfortunately, we have lost 216 schools since the day our education was taken away and entrusted to Greece. We feel great sadness and great anxiety for the future. For years, the perception of low quality of education has been consciously created in our schools and our parents have been directed towards state schools. Parents who do not send their children to minority schools, using the quality of education in schools as an excuse,

They should not forget that all the educated people they see around them are graduates of minority schools. In the years when we attended minority schools, technology was not so advanced and various educational opportunities were not so widespread. Nevertheless, the minority schools gave us an incredible consciousness and developed a sense of belonging to the minority.

Although it is always possible to compensate for the lack of education of our children, the way to regain the lost self is very challenging. We would like to emphasise once again that, like every society, our primary goal is to raise generations who are loyal to our culture, national and spiritual values, and that this is only possible through minority schools.  We have to think well and make the right decisions in this regard.

Because this decision will affect the whole life of our child. We can overcome all the negativities in terms of the future of our schools and our minority by insisting on minority schools. As a minority, we must urgently emphasise this and find solutions. Our parents should definitely prefer our minority schools for the survival of our minority. After we lose our schools, there will be no education issue left to talk about. In short, in order to talk about education, we must have schools in which education is provided.

Moreover, the development of the mother tongue is only possible in minority schools, despite all the negativities. The importance of mother tongue in education has been scientifically proven. For this reason, minorities all over the world are struggling for education in their mother tongue. The language of minority education is Turkish. Turkish should be developed in parallel with the official language Greek.

If we want to raise individuals with high self-confidence, we must send our children to schools where their mother tongue is present and respected. For this reason, we must insist on minority schools. We wish endless success to all our children who will be enrolled in primary school throughout their education and training.                                                                                                                



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