BATÖB University and City Presentation takes place in Xanthi Turkish Union

Western Thrace
Sun, 18 Feb 2024 13:26 GMT
Western Thrace Student Union organised a University and City Introduction programme at Xanthi Turkish Union on Friday, 16 February.
BATÖB University and City Presentation takes place in Xanthi Turkish Union

The university candidate students showed great interest in the promotion programme organised in Xanthi Turkish Union.

Western Thrace Student Union, which is formed by students studying at universities in Türkiye, organises different events in many cities.

Western Thrace Students' Union organised the 7th "BATÖB University and City Presentation" event at Xanthi Turkish Union.

In the statement made by BATÖB regarding the event, the following statements were made

"The second week of the 7th "BATÖB University and City introducing" programme was held in Xanthi Turkish Union with the intense participation of students. The universities in Ankara, Istanbul, Edirne, Eskişehir and Kocaeli provinces were introduced in the programme where we aimed to give some ideas to our friends in the preference process and to help them in their preferences.

We would like to express our gratitude to our friends who contributed to the promotion day, which is the showcase programme of BATÖB, which we attach great importance to, both online and in person, and to the Xanthi Turkish Union and the Youth branch of the Xanthi Turkish Union for opening their doors to us today.

Our biggest thank you is to our high school friends who showed great interest in the programme. We want them to know that BATÖB will be with them at any time, wherever their preferences are, and that we will help them as much as we can, no matter which city and university they are in. BATÖB is yours, ours, all of us."

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