BATÖB continues to act “together”

Western Thrace
Tue, 20 Dec 2022 11:13 GMT
Western Thrace students studying in Ankara, the Capital of Türkiye, organized a trip to Bursa.
BATÖB continues to act “together”

Members of the Western Thrace Student Union visited historical and touristic places in Bursa.

Starting the trip with Panorama 1326 Conquest Museum, the students had the opportunity to get an idea about the establishment of the Ottoman Empire in the museum where the conquest of Bursa was depicted.

Afterwards, they visited Tophane, where the tombs of Osman Gazi and Orhan Gazi are, the War of Independence Martyrdom, the famous clock tower and the viewing terrace are located.

Students also toured the area where Ulu Mosque, Grand Bazaar and Koza Han are located.
BATÖB board members held meetings with representatives of non-governmental organizations established by Western Thrace Turks living in Bursa.

Young students were received by Western Thrace Turks Managers and Industrialists' Businessmen Association (BATISİAD). 

Emphasizing the importance of the organization of Western Thracians in the business world as in every field, Ankara BATÖB President Emre İbram conveyed his thanks and appreciation to the management of the association for their efforts.

BATISİAD President Ahmet Er said that they were very happy to see the Western Thrace students to come together and operate in unity.

Meeting with the managers of the Bursa Branch of the Western Thrace Turks Solidarity Association, the members of the board of directors visited the Dr. Sadık Ahmet Monument, which was inaugurated by the Bursa Branch this year. 

Providing information about the monument, BTTDD Bursa Branch President Ali Eminlatif stated that the monument reflects the unity and solidarity of Western Thrace.

Afterwards, the group  moved to the center of the association and met with the board of directors of BTTDD Bursa Branch. President Ali Eminlatif, vice presidents Zekeriya Osman and Mustafa Köse Ahmet, head of youth branches Fatih Memet and members of the board of directors were present at the meeting.

President Emre İbram, ex-president Fatih Sar Hasan, vice-presidents Furkan Nizam and Yasemin Bülbüloğlu and members attended the meeting on behalf of Ankara BATÖB. At the meeting, the problems in the region and possible solutions were discussed.

Western Thrace students met with Western Thracians in Bursa for dinner hosted by Bursa-Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar.

Local administrators from Western Thrace in Bursa, representatives of associations and Western Thrace students studying in Bursa attended the dinner.

On the second day of the trip, Western Thrace students visited the Cumalıkızık region.

After a two-day historical and touristic tour, Western Thrace students returned to Ankara.

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