Ayşe Kadri's family awaits clarification on the accident in Mizanlı

Western Thrace
Thu, 14 Dec 2023 8:45 GMT
Following the death of 19-year-old Ayşe Kadri, a resident of Mizanlı village of Xanthi, the details of the accident are eagerly awaited by both the family of the unfortunate young woman and the public in Xanthi.
Ayşe Kadri's family awaits clarification on the accident in Mizanlı

The family, who suffered the pain of losing their daughter in the spring of her life, called on citizens who had any information about the accident to share it with the authorities with the message they published yesterday.

According to press reports, the police officer who hit Ayşe Kadri with the police car he was driving and caused her serious injuries is expected to testify to the prosecutor today (Wednesday 13 December). After hitting the young girl, the police officer reportedly informed the emergency services (EKAB) and waited for the ambulance to arrive, but hid the fact that he had caused the accident and introduced himself as an eyewitness. It was stated that the police authorities, who focused on the contradictions in their statements, revealed that the police officer caused the accident in a short time.

Ayşe Kadri's family is waiting for answers to all questions about the accident that caused the death of their daughter and for the incident to be enlightened.

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