Apostolos Ioannu inaugurates his election office in Kuslanli village

Western Thrace
Sun, 24 Sep 2023 14:44 GMT
Apostolos Ioannu, Mayor Candidate of Şapçı-Maronia, opened his election office in Kuşlanlı village yesterday evening.
Apostolos Ioannu inaugurates his election office in Kuslanli village

On 8 October 2023, Apostolos Ioannu, who continues his election activities to become the Mayor of Şapçı-Maronia in the new term by winning the municipal elections to be held in the municipality, is visiting the villages on the one hand and opening the election offices on the other hand.

Apostolos Ioannu opened the first election office of the Independent Citizens' Community "Ανεξάρτητης Κοινωνίας Πολιτών" List, of which he is the president, in Şapçı district and introduced the councillor candidates in his team.

Ioannu opened the second electoral office of his list yesterday evening in Kushlanli village, one of the largest villages of the municipality.

The opening of the office, located in the village square next to the municipality building, was attended by hundreds of citizens, including councillors and muhtar candidates from the minority and majority communities.

Addressing the public at the inauguration, the mayoral candidate Ioannu explained the reasons for the formation of his list, the strong team he has built and what his goals are on issues of concern to all levels of society and asked for their support.

The mayoral candidate Ioannu stressed that with the strong candidates in the Independent Citizens' Community team, they will win the elections to be held on 8 October and they will be the rulers of the Municipality of Şapçı -Maronia in the new period.

The opening ceremony ended with the presentation of the candidates for councillor and mukhtar of Kuşlanlı village and district.

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