Ankara BATÖB pay visit to Consul General Aykut Ünal

Western Thrace
Thu, 26 Jan 2023 10:54 GMT
The administrators of the Ankara Western Thrace Student Union (BATÖB), which gathers Western Thrace young people studying in Ankara, visited Consul General Aykut Ünal.
Ankara BATÖB pay visit to Consul General Aykut Ünal

Ankara Western Thrace Student Union board of directors paid a visit to Aykut Ünal, Turkish Consul General of Komotini.

During the visit on Wednesday, January 25, Ankara BATÖB team gave information to Consul General Ünal about BATÖB.

In the meeting, Ünal talked about the importance of the formations in which young people take place for our region and thanked the members of BATÖB for their dedication.

The board of directors presented the introductory booklet, which includes some of the activities carried out under the umbrella of the Union, to Consul General Unal, and also presented a gift to the Consul General.

The board of directors thanked Consul General Unal for his hospitality and support, and wished the Consul General good luck in his new assignment.

Consul General Aykut Ünal, who thanked the Ankara BATÖB team for their visit and reiterated his support, wished them continued success.

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