Ankara BATÖB held its 7th Ordinary General Assembly

Western Thrace
Sat, 16 Dec 2023 10:06 GMT
Ankara Western Thrace Student Union determined its new administration after the 7th Ordinary General Assembly held on Sunday, 10 December.
Ankara BATÖB held its 7th Ordinary General Assembly

Ankara BATÖB made a social media post about the election.

In the sharing, "As Ankara BATÖB family, we went to the election for the 7th time today.

Before the election held in YTB Hamamönü office, the 2022-2023 activity report and financial statement were presented in the general assembly, criticisms and proposals were discussed.

Ankara BATÖB president Emre İbram, who handed over his duty, made his speeches. In his speech, he explained the path that Ankara BATÖB has travelled so far and thanked his teammates.

Afterwards, elections were held and the new board of directors was elected by open ballot.

On behalf of the new board of directors formed as a result of the election, Furkan Nizam, the new president of Ankara BATÖB, conveyed his feelings and thoughts and thanked the previous administration. He stated that as the new board of directors, they will do their best to move Ankara BATÖB further.

We hope to have many more elections in which we will grow and develop. May our new board of directors be auspicious."

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