Alexandroupoli Medical Faculty Hospital to be repaired

Western Thrace
Tue, 21 Nov 2023 8:28 GMT
A budget of 14 million euros was approved for the renovation of the Medical Faculty Hospital in Alexandroupoli.
Alexandroupoli Medical Faculty Hospital to be repaired

Alexandroupoli Faculty Hospital, which was built about 20 years ago and serves as the only medical faculty hospital in Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, will be subjected to radical repairs.

The hospital will be completely renovated with financing from the state budget. A total of 14 million euros will be spent on repairs and renovations.

Within the framework of the renovation works to be carried out, 4.400.000 euro will be spent on insulation and heating systems for the rooms.

1,240,000 euros will be spent on interior painting and 450,000 euros on the replacement of ventilation systems in the intensive care unit.

A budget of 248,000 euros was allocated for the maintenance and repair of fire escapes, 148,800 euros for the control and repair of electrical installations, 93,000 euros for exterior landscaping and paving works, and 2,480,000 euros for the repair and reorganisation of the Emergency Department.

It was stated that the renovation works of the Faculty of Medicine Hospital will start rapidly after the tender to be held in the coming days and will be completed by December 2025.

It was noted that the hospital will continue to provide normal service during the repair period.

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