Accidents still occur on the Kalfalar road

Western Thrace
Fri, 9 Dec 2022 10:37 GMT
A new one has been added to the traffic accidents on the Kalfa road at the exit of Komotini's Bulgarian road tonight.
Accidents still occur on the Kalfalar road

Traffic accidents are experienced on the way to Kalfa, especially when exiting from Bulgaria to Komotini.

There was another traffic accident at around 19.30 tonight. In the accident that occurred, the vehicle departing from Bulgaria to Komotini collided with the vehicle traveling on the Kalfa road.

There had been a traffic accident at the same spot many times before. Citizens have repeatedly stated that the accidents were caused by earthen bumps on the road.

Citizens stated that the dirt bumps obstructed the view of the drivers, especially when exiting the Bulgarian road to the Kalfa road. The people of the region, who are disturbed by the frequent accidents, emphasize that the company that built the road should disperse the earthen mounds in order to prevent the accidents.

After the accident, an ambulance, tow truck and police team came to the scene. The police received information about the accident at the scene and kept a report. It was stated that there were no fatalities in the accident.

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