Accident in Büyük Derbent: Young Eren in intensive care

Western Thrace
Sat, 15 Apr 2023 9:24 GMT
While the pain of the traffic accident in Komotini in which a young kinsman lost his life was being experienced, another accident news came from Büyük Derbent village.
Accident in Büyük Derbent: Young Eren in intensive care

While the Turkish community in Western Thrace was mourning the death of 20 year old Eray Ibram who lost his life in a traffic accident in Komotini in the early hours of yesterday, and was experiencing the sadness of 18 year old Onur Apti who was injured in the same accident and taken into intensive care, a similar sad accident news came from Büyük Derbent village this time.

In Büyük Derbent village of Sofulu Municipality of Evros province, 17-year-old Eren Bölükbaşı, who hit a car with his motorbike in his village last night after Tarawih prayers, was taken to intensive care at Alexandroupolis University Hospital.

Eren, who fell to the ground after hitting the vehicle and was seriously injured, was taken to Dimetoka Hospital, where the first intervention was performed and X-rays were taken.

The results showed that Eren Bölükbaşı had fractures in both his foot and skull and he was immediately referred to Alexandroupoli University Hospital.

As a result of the surgery performed late at night, the fractures in young Eren's foot were intervened and plastics were placed in the places where the fractures occurred in the skull.

According to the information we received from his relatives, after the interventions, Eren was taken to intensive care, his condition is stable, but blood is needed for further treatment.

Young Eren needs the help of volunteer citizens and compatriots who can give blood. Those who want to give blood can contact Eren Bölükbaşı's uncle Mehmet Bölükbaşı at 698 970 73 20.

As Millet Newspaper family, we wish a speedy recovery to our young compatriot Eren Bölükbaşı, who is in intensive care, and patience to his family.

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