ABTTF slams the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the muftis

Western Thrace
Sun, 7 Aug 2022 11:56 GMT
ABTTF slams the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the muftis

The European Western Thrace Turkish Federation reacted in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the regulation on muftis was prepared after consultation with the representatives of the Western Thrace Turkish Community. ABTTF stated that this is not true. ABTTF President Halit Habipoğlu made a statement that “State country continues to deliberately distort the facts”.

In the statement made by the ABTTF on the subject, the following statements were included: “Our state, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in its statement on the new law on the modernization of Mufti offices on 4 August 2022, claimed that the new law was prepared after extensive consultations with Minority representatives.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the new law provides a modern and comprehensive institutional framework for muftis and muftis in Western Thrace and that the law is compatible with the Greek Constitution, Greece's obligations as defined by Lausanne, the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) case law as well as claimed to be compatible with the principles and practices of Islam.

The Ministry stated that it is transparent at every stage of the selection of Muftis defined by the new law, and noted that the Council, which will be formed by the new law, consisting of Muslim citizens from Western Thrace, will nominate the most suitable people for muftis without state intervention.

Halit Habipoğlu, President of the European Western Thrace Turkish Federation (ABTTF), said in his statement: “The statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a repetition of an attitude we are accustomed to. And that is to create a distorted reality by ignoring the facts! It is not true that the law on the modernization of mufti offices was prepared after extensive consultation with representatives of the Western Thrace Turkish community. For proof of this, it will be sufficient to look at the statement made by Hüseyin Zeybek, our SYRIZA Xanthi Member of Parliament, at the General Assembly. As Zeybek said, the government prepared the law with an authoritarian attitude, ignoring the opinions of our community on the issue of Muftis, which should be taken as a result of mutual exchange of ideas and which is extremely important for the Turks of Western Thrace. I would like to underline Zeybek's speech in the parliament on the structure of the Council, which will determine the mufti candidates. The Board will not represent our community because the Board will currently consist of people appointed by the state. At this point, when we look at the Western Thrace Turks who attended the funeral of our late Xanthi Elected Mufti Ahmet Mete, it is obvious that our community does not accept muftis and religious officials appointed by the state. Secondly, the claim that the new law complies with Lausanne, the ECHR, and the case law of the ECHR is also untrue. With this law, the religious autonomy in Lausanne is ignored by claiming that the 1913 Athens Treaty is not valid. It is also quite clear that the law is in violation of the ECHR, as freedom of religion continues to be clearly violated. As for the case-law of the ECHR, it is obvious how much Greece respects the ECHR and ECHR decisions and case-law. Greece is among the top 10 countries that do not implement the decisions of the ECtHR. 2008 ECHR decisions are insistently not applied on Bekir Usta the case group regarding our associations, which were closed due to the word Turkish in their names and were not registered. Long story short, although our country consciously tries to create a new and false reality, the truth is obvious!”

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