A new chapter in anti-Muslim behaviour in France

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Mon, 28 Aug 2023 8:51 GMT
The French Ministry of Education argued that the abaya worn in schools 'tests the resilience of the republic'. It was stated that the ban decision will be implemented as of 4 September.
A new chapter in anti-Muslim behaviour in France

In France, which is known as the 'cradle of democracy and freedom of expression', the pressure against Muslims is increasing.

France does not want religious signs in public schools and government buildings on the grounds that they violate secularism laws.

Wearing headscarves in public schools in the country has been banned since 2004.

The Paris administration, which is preparing to take the ban one step further, will not allow Muslim students to wear abaya, a loose and long dress.

"Abaya cannot be worn in schools"

French Minister of Education Gabriel Attal announced the decision. Speaking to French TF1 television, Attal said the following:

When you enter a classroom, you should not be able to determine the religion of the students just by looking at them. I have decided that the abaya can no longer be worn in schools.

New debate in France

The move follows months of controversy over the wearing of the abaya in French schools.

BBC reported that the increasing wearing of the abaya in schools in France has led to a political split in the European country.

While right-wing parties are pushing for a ban, left-wing parties have expressed concerns about the rights of Muslim women.

'Testing the resilience of the Republic' claim

"Secularism means the freedom to liberate oneself through the school," Minister Attal said, arguing that the abaya "aims to test the resistance of the republic to the secular refuge that the school must create".

To be implemented from 4 September

The French Minister said that after the summer holidays, she will give clear instructions before schools open.

The ban on the abaya will apply from the new school year starting on 4 September.

French press Ban announced

Meanwhile, France 24, one of the French press, reported the development as "The French Minister of Education announced the ban on Islamic abaya in schools."

It was noted that French authorities will ban the wearing of abaya clothes worn by some Muslims in schools.

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