123,000 euros were stolen from a business account

Western Thrace
Fri, 9 Sep 2022 6:21 GMT
In Western Thrace, telephone robbery continues unabated. There are people who lose thousands of euros almost every day. The last time a businessman from Xanthi lost 123,000 euros.
123,000 euros were stolen from a business account

The perpetrator contacted by phone, under the pretext of depositing money to pay off the balance. 

Investigations by the Police Authorities are ongoing for the identification of hitherto unknown perpetrators, who committed fraud against a business in  Xanthi.

In more detail, on Wednesday , an unknown perpetrator pretending to be a customer and under the pretext of depositing money to pay off the balance owed to the company, contacted the owner of the business by phone. During their telephone conversation, the perpetrator sent a message to her mobile phone that contained a link and pretended to be a banking institution.

The victim was taken to the above link, where she typed in her personal bank codes and the perpetrator managed to make three transfers of money, 123,000 euros in total, from a corporate bank account in which the victim is a joint beneficiary.

Police is conducting the preliminary investigation.

 Attention attention!

On the occasion of the above incident, the police are once again publishing useful tips to avoid defrauding citizens:

We never fill in bank account credentials in forms sent from unknown e-mail addresses or messages or via hyperlinks.

 NEVER give out our bank card secret codes to ANYONE.

No bank or organization asks for our bank card secret codes.

Be suspicious of being asked for personal information via individual e-mails or sms.

Prefer a payment process that you know well.

Always inform the police authorities, even in the event of an attempted fraud against you.

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