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Tobacco Production in Western Thrace28 August 2018

Tobacco production is the main source of income of the Turkish minority in Western Thrace. Therefore, tobacco sector effects directly the economic situation of the minority who live in the northern part of Greece.

Western Thrace is an important producer of the Eastern type of tobacco which is one of the high-priced types. Eastern Type of tobacco is produced mostly in Rodopi, however there is also weighty production in the other provinces, Xanthi and Evros.

In Rodopi tobacco is farmed approximately on 60 thousand acres of land, and with respect to the data of Hellenic Statistical Authority, is produced close to 7 million kilograms. Despite of the intensive production in Rodopi, in Xanthi there is produced less than 2,5 million kilograms, and in Evros only 400 thousand kilograms.

Even though that the production of Eastern type of tobacco in Xanthi is low comparing to Rodopi, there is also about half ton of Virginia and Burley production which are produced on more than 1300 acres of land.

Totally in Western Thrace there is about 10 million kilograms production of tobacco which almost total production is eastern type of tobacco respect to the data of 2015.
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