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Pangalos who said “The best Turk, the dead Turk” will stand before the judge28 February 2019Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece Theodoros Pangalos who is known with his hate against Turks and Islam will stand before judge because of his hateful statement “The best Turk, the dead Turk”.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Theodoros Pangalos has made scandalous and hateful statements against Turkey and Turks on February 13, 2018. At the mentioned date, Pangalos who spoke on Skai TV, responded to a question asked to him: “The best Turk, the dead Turk, I believe this. Because I have never found a good Turk. They are lacking basic values. The Turks do not have value of justice”.

The Chairman of Greece Helsinki Monitor and Greek Minority Rights Group Panagiotis Dimitras has filed a criminal complaint related to the mentioned topic. Afterward, it was stated that there is a crime committed according to the anti-racism law filed was submitted to the Criminal Offenses Prosecutor's Office.

The prosecutor's office, which examined the file, decided to file a lawsuit against Pangalos. Pangalos is expected to stand before the judge in June.

Related to Pangalos’s statements, the former General Director of DEB Party Mustafa Ali Çavuş has also filed a criminal complaint to Komotini Courthouse because of racist discourse and words about damaging the peace in the country on February 21, 2018.

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