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FEP Party executives attend FUEN 2020 Board of Delegates26 October 2020The executives of the Friendship Equality Peace Party attended the Board of Delegates of the European Federal Union (FUEN), which took place on Saturday, October 24th.

The DEB Party published a press release about the meeting held online due to the pandemic and informed the public. The statement made by the party is as follows.

“FEP Party Executives joined European Federal Union's (FUEN) Board of Delegates that took place online due to the  pandemic on Saturday, October 24th.

Following the approval of the Chairman, the vote counters, the agenda and the voting of the activity report, reports were presented on the working groups within the FUEN, including the Turkish Minorities Working Group (FUEN TAG).

After the FUEN 2020-2021 program, proposals and resolutions were presented, decisions were made for the board dates and locations for the next 2 years.

In addition, we state that we, as the FEP Party, closely follow the works of the FUEN administration, which offers different works on behalf of the Minorities for the next period, and we congratulate the FUEN management who carried out the Board perfectly."
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