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Mitsotakis government continues assimilation policies over religion02 August 2020After a silence of a while, Mitsotakis government announced that the previous assimilation policies against the Turkish minority will continue.

According to the new developments the mufti regents that are not recognized by the minority as they are appointed undemocratically by the state whereas the minority elects its own mufti itself, will be the head of the school committees in Madrasa (religious) high schools.

Other than that, it was announced that teachers working in Madrasas will be fired as of 31 August 2020 with their right to compensation. 

A final application is about the ierodidaskalos (religion teachers). The religion 60 religion teachers will be appointed to Gümülcine (Komotini), and 30 to İskeçe (Xanthi) and Meriç (Evros). The task of the "irodidaskalos" was recorded as “to teach the Qur'an in mosques in Western Thrace or to teach Islamic religion to Turkish minority students studying in public schools in Greek”. 

The religion teachers could be appointed in Madrasas instead of the fired Madrasa teachers. Accordingly, the curriculum of  Islam will be determined by the Greek Orthodox approach and will be taught by the teachers appointed by the same ideology that has never taken the initiative to enter a dialogue with the minority at all.

In this way, the Greek State presents itself as a multicultural and tolerant state. However, those 'multicultural' and 'tolerant' policies have nothing to do with the minority's demands.
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