Türkiye's Thrace beckons visitors with iconic mosques, Roman bridges

Sat, 6 Apr 2024 11:02 GMT
Türkiye's Thrace, rich in history, culture, nature and culinary offerings, eagerly awaits holidaymakers, from Edirne's iconic Selimiye Mosque to Kırklareli's tranquil landscapes and Tekirdağ's inviting Blue Flag beaches.
Türkiye's Thrace beckons visitors with iconic mosques, Roman bridges

Türkiye's Thrace, rich in history, culture, nature and culinary offerings, eagerly awaits holidaymakers, from Edirne's iconic Selimiye Mosque to Kırklareli's tranquil landscapes and Tekirdağ's inviting Blue Flag beaches

Türkiye's Thrace, with its history, culture, nature and gastronomy tourism, is getting ready to welcome thousands of tourists during the holiday season.

Edirne, which served as the Ottoman Empire's capital and hosted the Roman and Byzantine civilizations, carries traces of civilizations with its mosques, bridges and baths. The Selimiye Mosque has become the center of attention for visitors.

The Selimiye Mosque, one of the most famous landmarks in Edirne, was built by the renowned Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan. Commissioned by Sultan Selim II, construction of the mosque began in 1569 and was completed in 1575. Mimar Sinan, often considered one of the greatest architects of the Ottoman Empire, designed the mosque with remarkable architectural features, making it a masterpiece of Islamic architecture. The Selimiye Mosque is admired for its harmonious proportions, elegant domes and intricate decorations and it stands as a symbol of Ottoman architectural achievement.

In terms of gastronomy, Edirne offers a feast of flavors with dishes like "tava ciğer" (fried liver served with onions), "badem ezmesi" (almond paste) and "Kavala kurabiyesi" (Kavala cookies), tantalizing the taste buds of visitors.

Bülent Bacıoğlu, the President of the Edirne Promotion and Tourism Association, told Anadolu Agency (AA) correspondent that the city's rich cultural heritage, nature and gastronomy make it a focal point for tourists.

Bacıoğlu emphasized that the city, hosting many civilizations, is an important tourism destination and stated, "With the arrival of spring and the warming weather, the open-air museum Edirne has begun to receive visitors. The fact that the holiday coincides with the spring month indicates that we will have a very busy period."

Bacıoğlu also mentioned that tourism facilities and businesses in the city have completed their preparations for the holiday rush.

Describing Thrace as a fully packed holiday destination, Bacıoğlu added, "Many tourists from Istanbul, which has a large population, as well as neighboring provinces, will come to Thrace both individually and through tour companies. Tourists can start their tours from the Black Sea shores of Kırklareli, visit historical sites in Edirne and taste local flavors."

"Then they can move southwards, explore the Aegean and Marmara coasts, and conclude their visits in Tekirdağ. I hope visitors to Thrace will enjoy seeing three seas and three cities and have a wonderful time."

Tranquility in Kırklareli

About 200 kilometers from Istanbul, Kırklareli attracts attention with its eco-tourism, spelunking and sports-oriented tourism activities, the Mimar Sinan route and its geographically indicated products.

The historic structures of Vize, known as the "quiet city," which is home to the only ancient theater of Thrace dating back to the late Roman Period, also attract interest.

Aşağıpınar archaeological site, where the agricultural activities of the first humans coming from Anatolia to Thrace 8,000 years ago are depicted with models, is also among the places visited by tourists.

It's worth seeing Türkiye and Europe's largest riparian forests, with its lakes, endemic plant species and wildlife.

The foundry of Sultan Mehmed II, and Dupnisa Cave, the only cave open to tourism in Thrace, are also among the places to visit in the city.

It is believed that the foundry was established during the reign of Sultan Mehmed II, famously known as Mehmed the Conqueror, who conquered Constantinople (present-day Istanbul) in 1453. The Demirköy Foundry played a crucial role in supplying the necessary materials for the Ottoman military, including cannons, armor and various metalworks.

Kırklareli stands out with its geographical indication products such as meatballs made from curly lamb, "hardaliye" made from grapes, oak honey, cheese, and buffalo yogurt.

Veli Şen, the Director of Culture and Tourism in Kırklareli, said that Kırklareli is a special city. He emphasized that Kırklareli is the gateway to the Balkans and invited local and foreign tourists to the city during the holiday season.

Stating that there are many historical and cultural areas in the city, Şen said: "Kırklareli has its own unique ecosystem. In Istrance Mountains, you can find peace amidst the richness and serenity of nature's unique landscape. I can recommend coming to Kırklareli just for this. We recommend our visitors to see our wetlands, Dupnisa Cave in Demirköy district, our foundry of Fatih, Vize Castle and Ayanikola Monastery in Kıyıköy and experience this unique natural scenery."

Şen also emphasized the gastronomy of the city, stating that there are many geographically indicated products in Kırklareli. He said, "Visitors coming to Kırklareli can experience our historical and touristic places and at the same time experience our geographically indicated products. They can spend their time pleasantly. We want to welcome our guests during the holiday season."

City of sea, vineyards: Tekirdağ

Ahmet Hacıoğlu, the Director of Culture and Tourism in Tekirdağ, said that Tekirdağ awaits local and foreign guests during the holiday season with its unique nature and Blue Flag beaches.

Hacıoğlu stated that Tekirdağ offers opportunities for paragliding, camping, and caravan tourism for those who enjoy extreme sports, in addition to its nature, history, and cultural structure.

Stating that Tekirdağ is one of the most preferred cities by holidaymakers, Hacıoğlu said: "Tekirdağ attracts people's attention with many tourism algorithms due to its proximity to Istanbul."

Hacıoğlu emphasized that the city offers a holiday opportunity intertwined with nature amid the blue of the Marmara Sea and clean surroundings among the forests. He said, "Paragliding, hiking trails, and vineyard routes in Tekirdağ are very important and appealing. This holiday will cause a great intensity in Tekirdağ. Our call to the sector is also to complete your preparations for the holiday. With the good weather, our beaches, establishments, paragliding areas, hiking areas and vineyard routes will be filled with visitors."

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