Türkiye pays tribute to iconic musician Barış Manço on his passing

Fri, 2 Feb 2024 7:14 GMT
Barış Manço, one of Türkiye's legendary artists who won the hearts of people of all ages, will be commemorated in Kadıköy on the 25th anniversary of his death.
Türkiye pays tribute to iconic musician Barış Manço on his passing

Barış Manço, a maestro of Anatolian rock music, a singer, composer and lyricist, will be remembered in an event organized by Kadıköy Municipality on the 25th anniversary of his death. The "Remembering Barış Manço with Love" commemoration program will take place on Thursday, Feb. 1 at the Caddebostan Cultural Center. The program will feature performances of Manço's songs by prominent artists such as Musa Göçmen, Ayşegül Aldinç, Cahit Berkay, Eda Baba, Ezgi Aktan, Ogün Sanlısoy and Yasemin Mori.

As part of the commemoration program, Manço's house in Moda will be open to visitors until the evening. The house, containing Manço's belongings, will be accessible to the public free of charge.

Manço was born on Jan. 2, 1943, in Istanbul during World War II. He was named Barış, which means "peace" in the Turkish language. Manço was interested and talented in music even at a young age. He formed a band called "Barış Manço and Buddies" during his time at Galatasaray High School and released his first composition named “Dream Girl” in 1958. He also performed his first concert while at the same high school.

Manço continued his career by reimagining traditional Turkish folk songs in rock and roll music. He received the Golden Record Award with these reinvented folk song albums. He released “Dağlar Dağlar” in 1970, which would earn him the only Platin Record Award of his career, selling more than 700,000 records in a short amount of time.

The Turkish musician performed throughout Türkiye and Europe, visiting Holland, Belgium, the U.K., Germany and Cyprus on his 1979 tour. He continued his career for many years, preaching peace, unity and friendship and even lending a hand to the Turkish-Japanese relationship by performing in Japan. He was awarded numerous prizes all over the world, particularly in Türkiye, Belgium and France. In 1978, he married Lale, with whom he had two sons.

Manço impressed everyone when he started his television career in 1988, directing and presenting the program “7'den 77'ye,” meaning from “7 to 77.” He wrote and recorded more than 200 songs during his career, many of which were translated into English, Japanese, French, Italian, Greek, Persian and Arabic.

In his early years, Manço had a short hairstyle, but the esteemed artist was sketched into the memory of Turkish people with his signature style of long hair, authentic clothing, bracelets, rings and a belt, which he adopted later in his career.


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