Türkiye-Greece exchange commemorated in Samsun

Mon, 29 Jan 2024 10:11 GMT
Following the Türkiye-Greece population exchange agreement, the exchange migrants who lost their lives on the migration route were commemorated with carnations left in the sea in Samsun.
Türkiye-Greece exchange commemorated in Samsun

Balkan Immigrants Economic Research and Social Assistance Foundation (BISAV) organised a programme at Tütün Pier on Kurtuluş Yolu for the 101st anniversary of the exchange.

In the event, which was organised with the participation of the exchange migrants from Tokat, Amasya and Sinop, a moment of silence was observed and the National Anthem was recited.

BISAV President Yüksel Özkale said in his speech here that it was a privilege to hold a programme 101 years later at the Tobacco Pier, which was reached by ship after the Treaty of Lausanne in 1923.

Özkale said, "We, who were defined as 'exchange migrants' in the treaty between Turkey and Greece, came from Thessaloniki to Anatolia piece by piece on the 'Gülcemal' and 'Sakarya' ferries. Greeks from Anatolia went to Thessaloniki. Some people died on the way during the mutual exchange. We wanted to commemorate our elders who died on this road and a new life that started here, the beginning of a new love for Anatolia on the 101st anniversary."

After leaving a carnation in the Black Sea to commemorate their ancestors, the Mübadils sang the folk song "Vardar Plain".

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