Türkiye finishes building major 170-km stretch of security wall on border with Iran

Sat, 16 Dec 2023 7:40 GMT
Security forces, using full range of technology, patrol border, prevent irregular migrants from trying to cross.
Türkiye finishes building major 170-km stretch of security wall on border with Iran

A major 170-kilometer (105-mile) portion of a security wall in eastern Türkiye along the border with Iran has partly been completed to prevent illegal crossings, smuggling, and terrorist infiltration.

Construction of the entire security wall and observation towers in the eastern province of Van, as well as the excavation of trenches, is ongoing to ensure the security of the entire 295-km (183-mi) border with Iran and to prevent illegal activities.

Teams constructing the security wall, particularly to prevent the irregular migration of individuals from Iran to Türkiye, have so far completed 170 km.

Special teams from the capital Ankara first clear mines along the border to make the wall safer and help dig trenches. Then concrete blocks are laid on the border area, which has been prepared in advance with heavy machinery.

Security measures are tight to prevent the illegal crossing of irregular migrants, curb smuggling, and prevent the infiltration of terrorists.

Security forces utilizing the full range of technology employ domestic and national capabilities developed by Turkish defense giant Aselsan.

Unmanned aerial vehicles are also used in reconnaissance and surveillance efforts. Security forces, guided by the principle that "the border is sacred," intervene to stop any illegal incidents along the border.

Operating day and night, security forces on duty prevent irregular migrants trying to cross the border through patrol missions.


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