Turkish lawyer in Germany forced to live under protection after receiving threats from far-right militants

Thu, 28 Dec 2023 7:53 GMT
Far-right views becoming acceptable even by moderates, Cinar, prominent activist for Turkish community, tells Anadolu.
Turkish lawyer in Germany forced to live under protection after receiving threats from far-right militants

A prominent Turkish lawyer in Germany, who has received death threats by far-right militants, has been forced to live under protection for the past five years, she told Anadolu on Wednesday.

Seda Basay Yildiz, one of the lawyers targeted by the far-right terrorist group, National Socialist Underground (NSU), which is responsible for the murders of 10 people, including eight Turks, from 2000 to 2007, noted that she and her family were forced to live under protection as far-right sympathizers in the police leaked their personal information to militants.

It was determined that the leak took place in 2018 at a police station in Frankfurt but full details remain unknown, she said.

“Investigations are still underway against the police who have been suspended because of their alleged involvement in the leaking. However, I don’t believe the police department and the prosecutor really want to resolve this case,” said Yildiz.

She noted the massacre of nine migrants by a far-right terrorist in Hanau in 2020 and warned that the far-right threat continues to grow.

More peculiarly, on the ongoing threats to mosques in Germany, she said police does not utilize its full capacity to shed light on the threats.

Yildiz also urged the Turkish community in Germany to show stronger solidarity in the face of the growing threat of the far-right.

Saffet Cinar, spokesperson for the Turkish Community in Berlin- Brandenburg (TBB), drew attention to far-right views that are becoming acceptable even among moderates.

“This is what makes the threat even more horrifying,” he told Anadolu.

Cinar said failed social and economic policies in Germany also fuel the rise of the far-right.

More and more people tend to blame foreigners for worsening economic conditions, he said.


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