PKK terrorists threat to public order in Europe: Turkish foreign minister

Wed, 29 May 2024 7:07 GMT
PKK targeted Turks in Belgium, France, Germany in March, says Hakan Fidan.
PKK terrorists threat to public order in Europe: Turkish foreign minister

Türkiye’s foreign minister said Tuesday that attacks by supporters of the PKK terror group are a threat to public order where the organization is operating. 

“The events have once again demonstrated that the PKK poses a threat to public order in the countries where it operates in Europe,” Hakan Fidan said to parliament about attacks by PKK supporters against Turks living in the EU.

He said he noted operations carried out by French and Belgian authorities against PKK terrorists in April in terms of financing terrorism.

Fidan said PKK supporters have carried out attacks targeting Turks and organizations in various parts of Belgium since March 24. 

The Turkish Cultural Association in France was attacked on March 25 and the Consulate General of Hannover in Germany was targeted on March 26.

He urged countries to take immediate steps to reveal the perpetrators of the attacks and bring them to justice and increase security measures for Türkiye’s missions abroad.

French authorities said two perpetrators of the attack on the Turkish-Muslim umbrella group, DITIB, were caught and imprisoned, he added.

DITIB’s cultural center in Marignane in southern France was targeted in late March with flammable materials and handmade explosives.

Regarding the attacks in Belgium and the Hannover Consulate General in Germany, he said the Belgian president said sympathy for a group classified as a terror organization by Türkiye will not be tolerated.

The German foreign and interior ministries condemned the attack in the strongest terms, he added.


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